About us

History of Rama 9 Roasted Chicken.
Before year 1997 I had done with many businesses, during the economy when down, my resort and other businesses was closed, after during nothing so many years and having free times, I started to sell roasted chicken below the tree (The location is right infront of the shop) with only 2 flame grill, 1 table for putting chickens, don't even have shelter, used shelter from tree and don't even have table for customers to dine

in, sell for take away only. After sell for 4-5 months, customers started to ask for Papaya Salad
and places to dine in. I started to buy 3 bamboo tables and that is the beginning of this shop,
from the one that don't even have knowledge in Food & Beverage, with my hard trying for good
quality of the food and always clean. "Good food must always be clean infront of others and
even behind their back."
When started the new career that without experience andknowledge is very difficult and
tired, but if you're keep on doing and willingly you will be successful.

Food product quality and hygienes.

  1. Roasted chicken and roasted salted crush fish must always use heat at 554 F° and must not have burned mark.
  2. Deep fried fish use big fire with new cooking oil always
  3. BBQ pork collar must grill with less fat and grill with out smoke
  4. Always using flesh vegetable, during the preparation always wash with running water tab.
  5. Crab-dried shrimp always washed 2 times, boil until cooked than baked.
  6. Chili powder, rice powder and peanut are home made and always flesh.
  7. Washing plate by using dish washer until clean than put in the dish washing machine and than dish baker machine.
  8. Home made Herb water and dessert are must daily made basis.

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